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Enjoy a sunny day from the comfort of your suite!
This Thanksgiving we are happy to welcome you and your family to Grand Velas Los Cabos for an amazing getaway with unforgettable holiday experiences! #Thanksgiving2020
Make it right for you, it's your time to relax and pamper yourself...
Ready? Here is our reason #12!!👏 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
The view from all of our suites will keep you amazed!
Enjoy of some delicious and unique cocktails at our Cocina de Autor Bar, perfect for a previous dinner drink!
Open your eyes and discover paradise in the middle of the desert🌵.
The best resort in Mexico has everything you need for your perfect vacation!
Let our magic touch be part of your event!
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At our SE Spa, distinctive ceremonies and rituals restore you to total well being with massage, body treatments, facials and signature services.
Ready for reason #11? Here it is!!👏 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
Get out of breath every day just enjoying the view from your suite
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Wake up in heaven!
Wake up in paradise, just wake up to enjoy!
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Take a look at the amazing view from our Presidential Suite!
A magical paradise awaits for you in Cabo!
We just want you to have the time of your life!
Este es el momento ideal para disfrutar una exquisita experiencia culinaria en el paraíso 😱 👉 http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts #BuenFin2020
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The holidays are just around the corner! Cheers for that!
¡Este paraíso te está esperando! Es momento de aprovechar las tarifas más bajas del año Más info aquí: http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts #BuenFin2020
That magical place where the sun never sets...
And now we present to you our reason #10!!👏 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
The best place, the best mexican food, Frida Restaurant is ready for you!
It's breakfast time! Why not accompany your breakfast with a delicious chocolate shake?
We can assure you that you will never forget your visit to Los Cabos, a wonderful and unique experience DreamArt Photography
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Live the magical experience and fall in love one more time... DreamArt Photography
Enjoy of the sun rays at one of our infinity pools!
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We are that only place where you'll make your dreams come true!
¡Es momento de reservar las vacaciones en la playa que tanto te mereces! Aprovecha nuestros beneficios: http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts #BuenFin2020
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Our home, your home...
The holidays are around the corner, What could be more magical than this?
Today, we present to you our reason #9!!👏 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
Take a look at this amazing view! You could be enjoying it right here right now! Wait no more!
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It's a beautiful sunny day in Cabo! You can't miss it!
Fulfill all your wishes in Los Cabos
No te pierdas la oportunidad de unas vacaciones en este paraíso, ¡Aprovecha nuestras promociones! Info aquí: http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts #BuenFin2020
If your desire is to enjoy a delicious breakfast with a wonderful view, Azul Restaurant is what you need!
A marvelous sky view every single day of your stay...
¡Este buen fin nuestros beneficios serán inigualables! Te invitamos a registrarte en nuestro sitio buenfin.velasresorts.com para recibir la oferta este miércoles.
If you want to be blown away, Los Cabos is the place for you to visit! DreamArt Photography
The most magical time of the year is just around the corner! ✨ Spend the holidays at the No.1 Resort in Mexico! More information ➡️ https://bit.ly/2SS0iuE
We present to you today, the reason #8!! 🤩 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
Let yourself be pamper, the vacations that you need, that time for you, only in Cabo...
¡Llegó el Buen Fin y con él nuestras ofertas especiales! ¿Quieres aprovechar los descuentos exclusivos? Click aquí: http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts
Amazing places that you could visit for a drink, How about KOI Bar?
Views that will take your breath away! From wherever you are!
Let yourself be involved by the smell of a morning in Los Cabos
It is more than an experience, it is a dream that comes true DreamArt Photography
Every trip is better with the person you love by your side... DreamArt Photography
Let yourself be carried away by magic, live the most beautiful experience of your life in Los Cabos DreamArt Photography
If you come to Cabo, you won't want to ever leave...
Let's find out today which is the reason #7!! 🤩 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
Have you ever been at Piaf Restaurant? At Piaf, we celebrate the flavors of sophisticated French cuisine with unique dishes that explore the country's culinary traditions and gourmet legacy.
Something magnificent and incomparable, our magical resort
One of the most best jewels in Mexico, Tequila! Try some of our delicious drinks with Tequila in our bars!
Visit Mexico and not have a drink with a mexican touch is unforgivable!
People never forget two things, their first love and their first day in Grand Velas Los Cabos DreamArt Photography
The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with your loved one in Cabo...
Right here we have a place for you, the first row facing the sea, the first row to see the sunset!
¡Se acerca el Buen Fin y con él nuestras ofertas especiales! Muy pocas personas obtendrán este privilegio. ¿Quieres aprovechar los descuentos exclusivos? Checa esto: http://bit.ly/BuenFinVelasResorts
It's a beautiful day to be by the beach, You agree?
And now, we present to you our reason #6!!👏🏼 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
You are in Mexico today, What about trying our incredible mexican food?
Start your vacation well! Right in the lobby you will find AMAT, where we will offer you our delicious all type of coffee drinks!
Fall in love with your vacation, fall in love with this unique experience
Romance and love float in the air of Los Cabos...
A romantic and unique experience in the most magical place in the World
Unforgettable experiences in an unforgettable place, your next vacation cannot be anything else
The Traveler, the perfect cocktail to accompany your traveling experience
Want to get away? Book now and experience the No. 1 Luxury Resort in Mexico and Top 10 Worldwide! #TheGrandSale https://grandsale.velasresorts.com/
If you are looking for a romantic experience, we recommend you the French 707!
Sunny days are the most magical, don't you think? Tell us your opinion!
It's a beautiful sunny morning! And we have a seat right here by the pool just for you!
It's time for you and your family to live an experience of a lifetime! And where the magic begins is here!
Magical experience in a magical place, Los Cabos is more than ready to have you!
The family fun starts on our beautiful property! Take advantage of our Escape Winter Sale: https://grandsale.velasresorts.com/ #TheGrandSale 📸 Via IG by @xo.rachelpitzel
And now, here it is! Our reason #5!!👏🏼 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
What this drink says to you? Romance? Tell us!
What if you go to KOI Bar for a cocktail today?
The romance vacation you've been waiting for, is in Los Cabos!
Nothing can be better than living the Grand Velas experience for yourself, What are you waiting for?
Stop searching for that perfect waterfront getaway, you have found it! #TheGrandSale https://grandsale.velasresorts.com/
Travel US News shares the Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico 🙌 Check this >> https://snip.ly/19gnzq
Frida's menu adheres to the most representative dishes of Mexico! You have to try it!
Honoring the relentless spirit of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, our restaurant Frida introduces diners to the authentic gourmet specialties and fascinating culinary traditions of Mexico
And now, we present to you our reason #4!!👏🏼 "18 Reasons Why" we are the #1 Resort in Mexico and #8 Worldwide!!
Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.
It's always a beautiful day to enjoy the sun of Los Cabos!