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Sunsets and nights like in Cabo there are no others, enjoy a beautiful evening in Miramar
🇲🇽 Celebrating 5 DE MAYO in paradise!! 🇲🇽
Happy 5 DE MAYO!! 🇲🇽 Let's make some "Sopes de Chorizo" 😄
Let's Celebrate Together this 5 DE MAYO!! 🇲🇽 And we are starting, of course, with some MARGARITAS!! 🥳
Traditions must go on! And Mexican festive spirit is celebrated even in the distance. Click here: https://bit.ly/3aYu76k
We love celebrating 5 de Mayo enjoying our pepper margarita! Salud!
Fall in love with our incredible beauty techniques that you will only find in SE Spa, Beauty Salon!
Today, we drink Tequila!
Take a moment to heal your body with this exclusive treatment Samunprai based on hot herbal compresses, enjoy a relaxing massage that decongest your respiratory system providing muscle relaxation, ending with an aromatic herbal massage on your face.
Enjoy the incredible sunsets that visit Los Cabos...
Do you already know what to do when you see a whale? Ring the gong!!
The voting period is over and we already have our 100 award-winning heroes! Thank you for being part of this story and help us make this a reality. Find out who these heroes are at velasresorts.com/100heroes. #100HeroesAtVelas
Enjoy luxury and comfort in the best resort in Mexico!
Celebrating Children's Day making some colorful and delicious cookies at the Kids Club!! 🥳🥰 ------------------------------- Celebrando este Día del Niño preparando unas coloridas y deliciosas galletas en el Kids Club!! 🤩🥳
La infancia es tiempo de inocencia, son peldaños muy altos y huellas pequeñas. ¡Feliz día del niño! #DíaDelNiño
If children are happy, then we are happy too. Happy Children's Day! ❤️
Pancho loves to welcome all the children when they arrive! Do you already know Pancho?
Pick your favorite one! Which one would you like?
Let's go to have dinner! But first, a drink at KOI Bar!
And tonight, we are going for a drink to KOI Bar! Who is joining us?
For this morning, we choose to have a delicious carrot cake and a milkshake by Amat!
A paradise that takes your breath away! Visit every corner of this incredible paradise!
Let's have breakfast at Azul Restaurant! Join us every day!
Look dazzling after visiting our Beauty Salon at SE Spa!
Try the delicious popsicles that Hugo has for you!
How about we have dinner at Piaf today? Our French Restaurant!
The kind of moments that leave you simply speechless...
Live the magic of the most beautiful paradise in the world!
Our drinks will dazzle you! Don't forget to visit KOI Bar!
Something more beautiful than a sunset in Los Cabos does not exist... Who agrees?
Let yourself be carried away by a world of luxury and beauty
Be dazzled by the incredible beauty of Grand Velas Los Cabos
Be part of an experience that will fill your heart forever
At Koi Bar we have a great variety of delicious drinks!
Dear children, welcome to your plauground!
Refresh yourself enjoying the incredible flavors of cocktails that we have at KOI Bar for you!
Just what you need! ☀️
Let yourself be carried away by the Grand Velas magic...
An unbeatable experience awaits for you in paradise
Cover yourself in sunshine! ☀️
Sunsets, like the ones in Cabo, there's nothing like it...
Be dazzled every day by the beauties that dress this incredible paradise
The time to enjoy the summer has arrived! The place where you will always find the sun!
Spend the day enjoying incredible views, enjoying the sun, the sea breeze... Ask about our Day Pass!
You cannot miss the incredible unique drinks that we have for you!
Cabo will cover you in sunshine...
Just take a walk, and let yourself be dazzled by all of the beauty!
The whole world stops when you look at this incredible scenery...
Views that will always make you smile! ☺️
And right here we have your place ready! Ready to spend the day at the pool?
Views that you will never forget, experiences that will always accompany you
You will love every corner, every place you see will dazzle you
Enjoy this magical beautiful ride...
One of the most beautiful moments of the day is definitely the sunset! And more beautiful, if you see it in Los Cabos!
Find yourself in the paradise of beauty, where nature will dazzle you every day!
A wonderful adventure that you will never forget!
You will fall in love with the paradise you should be in! What are you waiting to visit us?
Find yourself in the paradise of bougainvilleas! Enjoy its colors and its beauty!
Let yourself be carried away by the most spectacular sunsets that exist!
The best views, you will always have them!
You cannot miss the delicacies that Piaf Restaurant has for you! Don't forget to visit it!
Aeromexico has joined our initiative "Let's Be Thankful" with 50 air transfers in courtesy! Vote NOW to give a hero the chance to win a stay at Velas Vallarta, flight included 👏👏 More details here: velasresorts.com/100heroes. #100HeroesAtVelas
Happy Global Meetings Planner Day!! 🎉 🥳 Congratulations!! #GMID21
Enjoy a luxury experience like no other at Cocina de Autor
The best place to see the sunrise is undoubtedly Miramar
Fall in love with the colors that will surround you this vacation!
Open your eyes in this paradise, made just for you!
Let yourself be carried away by magic...
Escape from the routine and live a magical experience like no other in paradise!
The nights are as magical as the days, be dazzled by the nights of Los Cabos!
Wake up next to magic, let the morning colors hypnotize you!
Summer Time is always the best time!! Don't you think?
Where the sun never stops shinning! Cabo awaits for you!
Fall in love of the night, magical Cabo nights 📸 by @joshuajernigan
Los Cabos will give you everything... 📸 by @joshuajernigan
Cheers!! Your vacations are starting the best way! 📸 by @brandymariemetcalf
We already have stays to give away but also the nominated heroes that will have the chance to win an incredible vacation! It's time to VOTE for your favorite story, you have until April 30th. Vote now! velasresorts.com/100heroes #100HeroesAtVelas
We already have stays to give away but also the nominated heroes that will have the chance to win an incredible vacation! It's time to VOTE for your favorite story, you have until April 30th. Vote now! velasresorts.com/100heroes #100HeroesAtVelas
Today is the best day to be at the pool!! Sunny days must be taken advantage of! 📸 by @mrs.melissareyes
At Frida Restaurant we have a wide variety of entrees that you will love!
Did you know that international taco day is celebrated on March 31? We invite you to learn more about the history behind Mexican Tacos More information: https://bit.ly/3whOzrW
You can't leave Los Cabos without having tried our delicious Aguachile de Callo at Frida Restaurant!
Life is better when you are at the beach!
It's time to turn VACATION MOOD ON!
The best trip, like the best loves, never really end... DreamArt Photography
Find an amazing place to get lost together! DreamArt Photography
Sunsets like no other, from Miramar
The beauty of the mornings will not let you leave Los Cabos...
Part of the magic is our delicious drinks!
Make your vacations come true and visit this wonderful and magical place, Grand Velas Los Cabos awaits for you!
Live in the sunshine!
Here's to a beautiful and amazing day!
We think today is a good day for Tequila Tasting, you agree?
If you don't know where to start, we will show you! Let's start by arriving in Los Cabos!
What if we go to Amat for a delicious dessert?
Let the sunlight wake you up every day in paradise!
Our General Manager, Andreas Schmidt shares with you the following message. On it, he invites you to join our "Let's Be Thankful" movement. Find out all the details at velasresorts.com/100heroes or call us at 1 888 210 9591. In a matter of minutes, you will be part of this beautiful initiative! ❤️ #100HeroesAtVelas
There is no better place to wake up...
Unique and wonderful views and moments are what await you here